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Murals [commissioned for you]

No services performed at this time, thank you.

It’s a positive experience for me to work on different, often larger canvas’. My smallest mural is about 6” square, created on a hardwood floor behind a heater, a pile of custom-made treasure; jewels, gold, etc. My longest is 19’-9” long and done on a convex-wall. Sometimes I create my Murals 3D; materials and paint that are raised out from the surface being worked on.

Interested?… First we talk and get a plan.  Payment is not done on website.

Use (Contact Us) to share your thoughts. If it is something I can do, and do in your time frame, I will ask as many questions as it takes to “get-ahold” of your vision and come up with an estimate. I don’t give any prices here as there often are many variables; especially on the exterior and commercial projects, also size, detail, distance from my location, etc. At the time when we both agree on terms of engagement, all the time frames, costs, procedures will be all worked out. And the fun starts.


  1. If considering my service as a Muralist; I will need 50% down for the mural itself. If your location is too far from my studio, please note there will be an extra cost.
  2. I will take photos of my work and file copyright as; “original-creator”, and I will maintain the right to “display” images in any/all portfolios of mine. I will pass on to you “all-other-rights” to do whatever you want with your image. If you are concerned about this, please contact me… All is good, the image is yours. (I will just go down in history as the guy who “made it”, and displays it in his portfolios…that’s all. You, however, hold all rights to do whatever you want with it). For example, when I display your image in my portfolios, I will watermark it with something like SOLD-SAMPLE-ONLY. And you get to “own-it” for your branding purposes.